Monday, September 7, 2009

First Hand-On Experience with Omniture SiteCatalyst Hitbox

To me for the last few years, it has been always Google Analytics which I dealt with for viewing web analytics report, both for my official clients as well as for my personal blogs. But things have changed and it changed really well to add its value to my career. Omniture SiteCatalyst HitboxFor the last few weeks, it is only Omniture SiteCatalyst Hitbox that I am referring to and viewing all the extensive reports it does provide. Trust me, it's an amazing experience and I am really getting more enthusiastic to explore more of it.

Thanks God, I finally managed to come out of the shell (Google Analytics) as I did not get any chance to work with some other superior web analytical tools. Now everyday I am learning more of Omniture Hitbox and if thing goes on like this, I will be having an in-depth knowledge for the same.

I will be writing more of it so that you guys can have a better understanding of it in case you are not using this web analytic tool. May be it will motivate or give some sort of confidence to work with this tool. I know it is expensive but everything that is of superior quality, does not come cheap.

But I am still fond of Google Analytics and will continue using it for my personal blog as I have a long attachment with it and love every bit of it without any doubt. Thanks to Google for giving us a chance to have a hand-on experience with such a brilliant tool and that too free of cost.


Anonymous said...


Great to see you are looking beyond Google Analytics. Were you aware that Omniture's HBX product which they acquired from WebSide Story is no long being developed. Omniture will not be supporting that platform in the future and is trying to convert all of their customers over to their base product SiteCatalyst. There are other great products you can look one in particular that seems to be making great strides is Unica's NetInsight product.

Good luck with your analytics.


Transcend said...

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SEO Consultant said...

It seems that Omniture was already winning most open tool evaluation battles.

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