Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Google Websearch / Search URL Parameters Explained

If you are really interested in knowing the different parameters appended at the end of the Google search URL, then go through the list given below. The list is originally created by Joost de Valk containing the different parameters you can add to the Google search URL.

Parameter Description (Value)
Search modifiers
q / as_qthe search query
as_epqmatches exact phrase, same as searchphrase surrounded by quotes in searchbox
as_oqwith at least one of the search terms, same as searchterms combined with OR in searchbox
as_eqwithout these searchterms, same as searchterm prefixed with - in the searchbox
qdr / as_qdr Date restriction, show results up to either 3 months old, 6 months old, or 1 year old (3m 6m y)
as_occt query term occurs in (any title body url links)
as_filetype specify filetype (pdf ps dwf kml kmz xls ppt doc rtf swf)
as_ft exclude or include solely files with filetype given in as_filetype (e i)
sitesearch the same as site: (URL with or without http://)
as_sitesearch same as sitesearch, but shows site:URL in the search box, can be used together with as_dt (URL with or without http://)
as_dt together with as_sitesearch shows you results from URL, or from all except that URL (i (only this URL) e (except this URL))
as_rq find sites related to URL, same as related: in the search box (URL)
as_lq find sites linking to URL, same as link: in the search box (URL)
hl specifies the interface language
lr language restrict ()
ie input encoding
oe output encoding ()
safe safe search filtering (active (default) off)
filter 0

Result modifiers

num number of results (<0..100>)
newwindow open results in new window (1)
pws disable personalized web search (0)
adtest allows testing of ads without registering an impression, url's are not clickable (on)

btnG normal search from webinterface
btnI I'm feeling lucky search (I%27m+Feeling+Lucky)

Localization (taken from:

gl country, for instance "US" ()
gll latitude&longitude, (,)
gr region, for instance GB-ENG ()
gcs city, to use this gr must be set to the same value ()
gpc postal code, only works if gl is set to "US" ()
gm US designated metropolitan areas ()

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